EasyScan at 100% Optical: Money makes money

Posted on 16-02-2016

Despite the fact that the 100% Optical exhibition only dates back to 2014, the fair has established itself to be the largest one in this industry within the UK. Together with Grafton Optical, EasyScan was not to be missed at this event lasting from 6 to 8 February 2016. Interest for EasyScan was largely raised, focusing on whether OCT or SLO-technology is the wiser decision.

Our team was able to once again convince visitors of the Grafton booth of the many advantages of SLO technology. Among others, an important factor is affordability, while not giving in on high-quality results. Many entrepreneurs recognized this to be THE solution for their business.

Together with Samantha Shayler, area manager of Snowbird Finance Ltd., our team stood strong in assuring visitors of the superiority of SLO compared to OCT, since an SLO-based system leaves room for marketing budgets and unexpected costs.