Why EasyScan ?

Combining advanced technology to accrued expertise, the EasyScan is the smart retinal imaging device that will make you take a different look at your patient’s retina. Backed-up by a wide range of features and content, The EasyScan is the all-in-one solution that will help you deliver your clear-cut diagnoses in an engaging way, leaving your patients with a memorable, positive impression of your consultation.

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Meet the EasyScan

Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a price everyone can afford.

Real-time view of retina, enhanced periphery, automated iris detection.

Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software

Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, everywhere.

Capture Mode: Green and near IR for three imaging modalities : Autofocus, Autocapture, Auto exposure

EasyConnect for easy sharing, reviewing, archiving and reporting









The EasyScan Concept

Beyond the device, there is the storytelling. Because we designed a device capable of delivering beautiful images of your patients’ retina, we felt we needed to offer you the means to attract more customers and the tools to help you portray the story of their eyes, thus making your consultations essential and memorable. See in three steps the benefits of equipping your store with an EasyScan:



– The EasyScan Marketing –

Because your customers’ journey starts outside your store. We share with you our seasonal marketing campaigns centered around relevant and relatable topics.

Bring more traffic to your store and rest on our expertise!

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– The EasyScan Experience –

With your relationship with your customer at the core of our work, EasyScan helps you improve your customers’ engagement in novel, exciting, and unique ways that you will truly bond over.

Be the expert that they will look up to!

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– The EasyScan Academy –

Access to a wide range content that helps you make the best out of your EasyScan and learn to keep your customers aware and involved, understand your industry’s trends, and offer the best services.

Leverage your uniqueness to impress your customers!

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The EasyScan Difference



Meet Our Customers

See how the EasyScan transformed our customers’ stores. From generating new traffic to increasing sales, hear their stories! 

" The collaboration with the ophthalmologist is much closer "

Heidi - ML-Optiikka Oy

" I can now provide a higher level of service for my patients "

Dr Stewart - Galeucia

" I needed something to help market my practice. "

Dr Edgar - Company Name

Our Events

  • 2017 SCOPA Annual Meeting

    2017 SCOPA Annual Meeting

    EasyScan will be at the 2017 SCOPA Annual Meeting in South Carolina, starting on Aug. 24. Come try the EasyScan and get amazed by its features and capabilities!  

  • Centrop 2017 is over

    Centrop 2017 is over

    Centrop 2017 was a great success! EasyScan want to thank the Centrop team for organizing the event... We're looking forward to Centrop 2018!

Our Updates

  • Our new website is live

    Our new website is live

    In our efforts to create the type of content that we wish to share with our readers, we've decided to redesign our website. Browse around and reach out to us for questions and/or feedback!