30 01, 2019

With Ray-Ban opening its own stores, what does that mean for sales at other retailers? What can we learn from Hugo Boss?

Over the summer, Ray-Ban opened its own shops in The Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. This followed the launch of their first concept store in SoHo, New York at the end of 2015. These new brand shops could have a significant impact on other outlets that are currently offering Ray-Bans.

21 11, 2018

2018-2019 optical events: come meet the EasyScan team and find out about the EasyScan

Only a few months left before the start of a very busy - yet exciting - year. A lot of changes have been taking place in the eyecare industry, and we'd love to meet you to discuss some of those! What are the measures that you are taking as a store/practice owner to face the changes that 2019 will bring and stay up to date with your customers' trends and expectations?