People know yearly Eye Exam is important, but why are they not going?

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Posted by Erik van Dijk

Erik has previously worked for 10 years at Philips in various parts of the business and in different roles, most recently at Philips Healthcare in R&D management. Since his start at EasyScan in 2015 he headed the operations (supply chain/technical support) and R&D team. In 2017, Erik became the CEO. Erik has a PhD in Physics from the University of Twente.

People know yearly Eye Exam is important, but why are they not going?

A recent survey found that most adults surveyed (80%) said they know an eye exam is important for their overall health and also recognized that healthy vision improves overall quality of life (68%) and keeps them safe (61%). However, less than half of those surveyed were actually going to visit their eyecare provider every year.

The most common answer is particular interesting for Opticians and Optometrist in an Optical retail setting: 36% of those surveyed thought it was not necessary since they thought that because the could still well that there was not need. This shows that there is an important roll for the optician/optometrist to provide education that there is more to eye health than just sharp vision.

By making the EasyScan retinal check a standard part of your eye exam and share the result with the customer via the customer report, eye care professionals have an important hook to discuss eye health. Using eye health in the yearly recall letter has shown to result in increased recall rates. This allows opticians/optometrists to better take care of their customers eyes and be a trusted partner in keeping their eyes healthy. Increased customer satisfaction and retetention are key to keep customers coming back!

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