OPTI Munich 2020

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Posted by Erik van Dijk

Erik has previously worked for 10 years at Philips in various parts of the business and in different roles, most recently at Philips Healthcare in R&D management. Since his start at EasyScan in 2015 he headed the operations (supply chain/technical support) and R&D team. In 2017, Erik became the CEO. Erik has a PhD in Physics from the University of Twente.

OPTI 2020 Munich

EasyScan is preparing again for the highlight of the Optical event calendar.

This January we will start the year again with one of the highlights: the OPTI in Munich, Germany. For EasyScan this show in our second home country is always important and interesting. In Germany the EasyScan is the standard for retinal screening. With over 600 devices sold we are by far market leader in this area. The critical German customers can appreciate the quality and easy of use of our device.

The OPTI Munich is becoming more and more international, so if you are visiting from over seas do visit the EasyScan at the booth of our distributor Deutsche Augenoptiek (Hall C4.205) or at the Epitop Telemedicine HotSpot in (Hall C6.322). To ensure that one of our international sales staff is present to help you out it is best to reach out via info@easyscantest.com to arrange a meeting or share contact details.

See you soon in Munich?

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