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Posted by Erik van Dijk

Erik has previously worked for 10 years at Philips in various parts of the business and in different roles, most recently at Philips Healthcare in R&D management. Since his start at EasyScan in 2015 he headed the operations (supply chain/technical support) and R&D team. In 2017, Erik became the CEO. Erik has a PhD in Physics from the University of Twente.

EasyScan in Eyeline Magazine.

In de Eyeline van deze maand staat een uitgebreid interview met de CEO van EasyScan, Erik van Dijk, samen met Peter Plomp (O’max), Karin Vonk (Optometrist) en Marcel Vink (Optoconnect/Teleconnect). In dit interview wordt ingegaan op wat voor manier opticiens in kunnen spelen op de trend rond ooggezondheid en oogzorg. Lees het gehele interview hier

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