26 05, 2021

EasyScan Announces a new distributor in Egypt: Ultra Vision for International Trade UV

EasyScan BV, is pleased to announce a new distributorship in Egypt for the EasyScan TrueConfocal Retinal Scanner. From May 1st 2021, Ultra Vision for International Trade UV based in Giza, Egypt started to open the Egyptian market for the EasyScan.

19 05, 2021

EasyScan Announces new distributor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Albasar for Medical Supplies

EasyScan BV, is pleased to announce a new distributorship in Saudi Arabia for the EasyScan TrueConfocal Retinal Scanner. From May 1st 2021, Albasar For Medical Supplies based in Riyadh started to open the Saudi market for the EasyScan.

6 01, 2021

EasyScan Announces New Business Development Manager for ME&A and Turkey

EasyScan has welcomed Bahzad Meslem as the Business Development Manager for the Middle East And Africa region and Turkey. With more than 10 years of experience in sales and business development for various Ophthalmology equipment companies, most recently at Lightmed, Bahzad brings a wealth of experience to EasyScan. Bahzad will work on expanding the distribution network of the EasyScan Retinal scanner in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

9 06, 2020

AI out performs human doctors in predicting AMD progression

Recent research presented in Nature Medicine by researchers of DeepMind and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London showed that AI is now able to predict the progression of serious AMD better than Human experts. Early detection, for example with the EasyScan retinal scanner, remains the only way to keep vision optimal, since any vision lost due to AMD can not be recovered by the current treatments,

2 06, 2020

Cataract Awareness Month: did you know EasyScan has unique capabilities to image through cataract?

The EasyScan's unique optical design allows clear imaging even through significant cataracts. This makes the device ideal for pre-operative screening for the retinal health of cataract patients.

19 05, 2020

EasyScan Protection Screen – Work safe and Easy!

To Support our customers in the safe reopening of their #Optician practices and support them to work with the EasyScan Retinal Scanner we have developed a special breath screen. This clear plastic screen can be placed behind the EasyScan. We have taken special care about the ease of use and customer experience. The screen is place as far as possible from the customer to minimize their discomfort. In these challenging times an excellent, efficient and safe eye exam can be a clear discriminating factor for the independent optician. As EasyScan we are happy to support our customers to grow their business even in these difficult times!

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