EasyScan Announces new distributor in Romania: EXPERTMED

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Posted by Erik van Dijk

Erik has previously worked for 10 years at Philips in various parts of the business and in different roles, most recently at Philips Healthcare in R&D management. Since his start at EasyScan in 2015 he headed the operations (supply chain/technical support) and R&D team. In 2017, Erik became the CEO. Erik has a PhD in Physics from the University of Twente.

EasyScan Announces new distributor in Romania: EXPERTMED

Logo of ExpertMed EasyScan distributor in Romania

EasyScan BV, is pleased to announce new distributorship in Romania for the EasyScan Retinal Scanner. From Sept 1st 2020 ExpertMed based in Brasov will be opening the Romanian market for the EasyScan. Erik van Dijk, CEO of EasyScan BV says: “We are very pleased with the professionalism and focus that Expertmed offers. This has already resulted in the first deals coming in. The collaboration is going beyond expectations in particular given the challenging market conditions. We look forward to the next steps”.

Dan Stroea National Sales Director at Expertmed: “We believe that the unique ability of the EasyScan to image through pupils as small of 1.5 mm and look below the surface will result in a significant interest in the Romanian market”.

About EasyScan BV:

EasyScan BV, founded in 2009, is a Dutch company that has developed a unique and propriatory Laser Scanning Opthalmoscope a special Retinal Scanner that is capable of imaging through the smallest (>1.5mm) pupils. This negates the use of Medratic agents or even fully darkening of the room. EasyScan is active across Europe and market leader in the German optical retail. In total more then 1250 EasyScans are placed across the world. For more information about EasyScan visit the website: EasyScantest.com

About Expertmed:

EXPERTMED was founded in 1994 in Brasov Romania. The focus is on Ophthalmology devices. The company’s strategy is to build long term partnerships with its customers. With their support Expertmed aims to maximize the potential of the business through a combination of enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency. Expertmed is the licensed distributor for many European and Japanese optical equipment suppliers.


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