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In this edition of the EasyScan Clinical series we discuss how to Infrared Imaging of the EasyScan is an excellent alternative to Fundus Auto Fluorescence (FAF) imaging. Download the full document to learn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fundus Auto Fluorescence (FAF) is used primally to visualize changes to the RPE layer deep in the retina.
  • Compared to normal fundus photography FAF provides more information, however recent reviews show that evidence on sensitivity and specificity of method is limited.
  • Literature shows that Infrared Reflectance (IR) imaging is ideal for visualization of changes to the RPE layer and often more sensitive than FAF.
  • The EasyScan TrueConfocal SLO system is ideal for performing IR imaging over a large FOV (45°) without dilation, making it faster and more easy to use in clinical practice then FAF.
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