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This course consists of 3 modules:

– Module 1: Introduction to Anatomy of the eye & major disease areas

– Module 2: Imaging of the Retinal layers with the EasyScan

– Module 3: Recognizing retinal pathologies in EasyScan Images

Each module is followed by a number of questions that can be used to test if the material was learned.

The first module is a basic introduction to the Anatomy of the eye and the major disease areas in the eye. This module does not cover any specifics related to the EasyScan. It can be used as a refresher. Those that have working knowledge of the Eye and major diseases can skip this module

The second module covers how the different retinal layers are detected with the EasyScan and how to recognize the major retinal anatomy in the EasyScan images. The focus is on healthy eyes, although some examples of diseased eyes are also covered. Without going into detail to identify the specific disease.

The third and final module goes in depth on how to recognize the different diseases in the EasyScan images and is suitable for graders and experts.

This course is only made available to EasyScan customers through the EasyScan Academy

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