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In this edition of the EasyScan Clinical series we discuss how to EasyScan is uniquely suitable for diabetic screenings. Download the full document to learn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regular screening of diabetic patients can prevent sight threatening complications.
  • The latest scientific consensus is that 2 images (central and nasal) with 45 degrees field of view are the optimum for screening.
  • Standard non-mydriatic fundus imaging can result in up to 39% of ungradable images due to small pupils and cataracts, in particular with an older patient population.
  • The EasyScan TrueConfocal SLO system is capable of imaging through smaller pupils and cataracts resulting in lower rates of ungradable images.
  • The EasyScan without dilation has better sensitivity and specificity than a traditional fundus camera with dilation.
Download the document