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100% Optical 2019

12-14 January 2019
Excel London


The key to growing your business lies in your ability to offer the best advice and the best product. The key to offer the best advice lies in what tools you use, and how you use them. Cue to EasyScan, the only c|SLO eye exam device that helps you run flawless eye exam and deliver the results in a engaging and memorable way. Thank you for visiting us again this year at our booth M02; as always, it was amazing to have a nice talk, a nice laugh and to witness how we help our customers combine “experience” to “eye exams” to increase customer retention.

There’s also more! For the first time this year we offered to one lucky practice owner the possibility to have the EasyScan installed to his store for three months, free of charge, free of engagement. Just dropping by our booth for more details, or contacting info@easyscantest.co.uk


Request a demo of the EasyScan at this year’s 100% Optical. Demos last approx. 15min
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