ITALY: Professor Montani speaking on blue light prevention

Posted on 31-05-2016

The 42th National Congress of Optometry and Opticianry was recently held in Colli dil Tronto, Italy. During this 3 day event, many aspects in the area of the Optometric profession were addressed. A notable speech was given by Professor Giancarlo Montani, who reported on his and Ruggiero Lavermicocca’s research The Effect of Blue Light: The Importance of Prevention.

Professor Montani explained how blue light might affect the retina and what main sources cause its damage in the modern world. The research was carried out using EasyScan, a never dilate SLO retinographer, which allows to detect blue light related retinopathies by means of its Infra Red laser image capturing. This non-invasive instrument can be operated by opticians and optometrists alike, while the actual diagnosis needs to be carried out by an eye doctor. “EasyScan is an important instrument for all providers of preventive medicine,” – confirmed professor Montani.