Medical utility

EasyScan for medical professionals aim to highlight the advantages of retinal screening in a world of an increasingly aging population and chronic diseases. Access to care becomes progressively difficult and waiting times rise. By employing EasyScan in your practice, the throughput-rate of patients can be drastically increased due to the fact that the test only takes 3 minutes and no dilation is needed.

Benefits of superior retinal imaging with EasyScan

  • Enjoy the benefits of SLO technology and capture high-quality images easily for accurate diagnosis.
  • Reduce examination time, capture images through small pupils and increase patient satisfaction with the fact that no dilation is ever needed.
  • EasyScan is a compact, light-weight device that will fit every office space and enable it to be easily transported between locations.
  • EasyScan can be used in single practices, mobile workstations and with multiple review stations.

EasyScan dual color cSLO technology

EasyScan is a dual color cSLO retina camera: it scans with and infrared (785 nm) and pure green (532 nm) laser beam. The different colors are related to different penetration depth of the retina. The green image is reflected at the RNFL (retinal nerve fiber layer) showing the microvascular structure up to the 4th bifurcation. The infrared light is reaching the choroidal vessel layer.

Find out more about the SLO technology in the EasyScan studies