EasyScan Vision Expert

EasyScan Vision Expert Program

EasyScan Vision Expert

By introducing EasyScan as traffic generating concept, we are aiming to help optical retailers position themselves as vision experts within the industry. The EasyScan test enables optical businesses to provide their customers with a total eye care experience by not only taking the “usual” measurements, but also by having a look at the back of the eye – the retina.

By doing so, the professional creates an opening for substantiated eye care advice and personal lens recommendations. Options for additional lens coatings can easily be discussed with the help of specific animations integrated in the EasyScan software. In-store marketing tools complete the picture.

A program approach that will lead to satisfied customers returning to your store year after year.

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The EasyScan images can be checked by a medical third party from a distance. This way, optical retailers are able to accommodate special cases and seek professional advice. The telemedicine service is provided via various partners, please contact EasyScan for more information.