Israel welcomes the EasyScan into market

Posted on 26-01-2016

On 7 and 8 January 2015 our Israeli distributing partner Skymed was the first to introduce the new EasyScan into the country’s market. With Skymed being a fast-forward pioneer by bringing new technologies to Israel, it comes as no surprise that the event in Eilat was a great success for both, Skymed as well as EasyScan. This innovative SLO-based funduscamera is just what the market was waiting for, providing clinically great added value as opposed to traditional white light retina cameras.

Due to the fact that no dilation is needed when applying it on customers, EasyScan is especially suitable for primary eye care by taking the efficiency of screening programs to the next level. Skymed’s progressive mindset truly helps them to grasp the advantages that EasyScan offers and that SLO-technologly has become the new reality.